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Is there an administrator here who can answer these screens or just mute and lock the account? Respecting the user's intelligence and the user's time and capital is not important to you, and your only answer is that we are fair, we will cover you up so that others do not understand. Ridiculous Plinko and just to suck capital I don't understand to what extent you can manipulate the games so that 100% of the bet in Plinko does not win a single bet. Your arrogance is endless and I don't know if you are tired of cheating yourself.Screenshot_20230729_120757_Chrome.thumb.jpg.29d5786cad08a8c844722ba6be183b21.jpgScreenshot_20230824_162650_Chrome.thumb.jpg.c6ea99c8a7c25babab832f6c9b5c7044.jpgScreenshot_20230303_202845_Chrome.thumb.jpg.070066a1801b448aedd9859c12d0fa5e.jpgScreenshot_20230303_202845_Chrome.thumb.jpg.070066a1801b448aedd9859c12d0fa5e.jpgScreenshot_20230215_190033_Chrome.thumb.jpg.0333b084efa9cef391449fec9ebfb88e.jpgScreenshot_20230215_190033_Chrome.thumb.jpg.0333b084efa9cef391449fec9ebfb88e.jpgScreenshot_20230215_190033_Chrome.thumb.jpg.0333b084efa9cef391449fec9ebfb88e.jpgScreenshot_20230212_133300_Chrome.thumb.jpg.852db797d8c542302310132bf91c5eb8.jpgScreenshot_20230824_162650_Chrome.thumb.jpg.c6ea99c8a7c25babab832f6c9b5c7044.jpgScreenshot_20230729_120757_Chrome.thumb.jpg.29d5786cad08a8c844722ba6be183b21.jpgScreenshot_20230824_162650_Chrome.thumb.jpg.c6ea99c8a7c25babab832f6c9b5c7044.jpgScreenshot_20230725_164327_Chrome.thumb.jpg.f60bd00ed01ec4e53841a7aeb4798fd7.jpgScreenshot_20230310_201117_Chrome.thumb.jpg.27562518f0a839de41f9cf4dd43f695c.jpgScreenshot_20230824_162650_Chrome.thumb.jpg.c6ea99c8a7c25babab832f6c9b5c7044.jpgScreenshot_20230824_162650_Chrome.thumb.jpg.c6ea99c8a7c25babab832f6c9b5c7044.jpgScreenshot_20230824_162650_Chrome.thumb.jpg.c6ea99c8a7c25babab832f6c9b5c7044.jpgScreenshot_20230729_120757_Chrome.thumb.jpg.29d5786cad08a8c844722ba6be183b21.jpg









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First of all, why do you play pinko? It’s a game you have no control over, The odds are shown in the game and they are in fact the worst odds of the house games other than maybe roulette. Second of all, if hunting a 4x and you see one in every 8-12 bets that is common. You know how chance works correct? I agree, the pinko is absolutely useless trying to play here. But there is way better games to choose from than that. You will win more playing limbo with a little skill. 

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Change the seed frequently and refresh the page soon as you begin to see this pattern, I suspect the algorithm of the probability is in every seed wether you change it or not; that being said change the rhythm of the balls dropped. ...... . . ... . . . . .. .... . . ... .. . 
I feel your pain brother, but just as I've gotten non stop loss after loss , I've also hit x1000. Less times than I deserve, but I am a player who has hit x1000 with $20 bet . But yes definitely the oddds are stacked heavily against us. You will catch your x1000 when you least expect it ;)

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