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Limbo $500 Thanksgiving Challenge For 48 Hours!


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Starts: 15:00, November 26th GMT
Ends: 15:00, November 28th GMT


This Thanksgiving we hope you are able to avoid all the loses and tragedy of bad cards and may your every roll be a lucky win! Joy, gratitude and a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Lets enjoy this Thanksgiving with some rewards:

  • What's the Challenge?
    • Win 3 consecutive bets with 20x on Limbo (More the bets the better chances)
  • Minimum VIP Tier
    • Must be VIP10 or higher
  • Minimum Bet Amount
    • $0.1 equivalent
  • Eligible Coins
    • All Coins are eligible as long as they match the minimum bet amount
  • Available Prizes
    • 1st Place...... $300 worth of DOGE
    • 2nd Place..... $100 worth of DOGE
    • 3rd Place...... $50 worth of DOGE
    • 4th Place...... $25 worth of DOGE
    • 5th Place...... $25 worth of DOGE
  • How to Enter the Challenge
  1. Take a screenshot displaying the bet details and send a reply to this thread with it.
  2. Must be able to see betting ID so that your bet can be verified.
  3. Please do not make multiple posts, just edit your original one if you need to add a new payout or replace a payout with a better qualifying amount. 
  4. Nonce of all bets has to be consecutive


  • Disclaimer:
  • Multiple accounts not allowed
  • Fake screenshots will be checked and deleted


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Bet ID: 5278768209857399


Bet ID: 5278768209857400

Bet ID: 5278768209857401

Bet ID: 5278768209857402

Was using coingecko as advised by bcgame support too, to check the doge price in usd. Below is a quick snapshot for easy reference.





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