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Highest Losing streak


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On 4/7/2021 at 10:15, zensu66 said:

Xin chào mọi người, chỉ cần tự hỏi chuỗi thua cao nhất của bạn cho% thanh toán bạn chơi là bao nhiêu?


Mức cao nhất mà tôi nhận được cho khoản thanh toán gấp 2 lần là 8 lần liên tiếp. tôi đang cố gắng tìm kiếm 13 lần thua liên tiếp🙂

14 lần chuỗi thua

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On 7/4/2021 at 5:15 AM, zensu66 said:

Hey everybody, just wondering what was your highest losing streak for the % payout you play?


The highest i got for 2x payout was 8x in a row. i'm trying to hunt for 13x loses in a row 🙂

Over 20 on 50/50 🤷🏻‍♂️




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25% win chance/3.9x payout - highest losing streak 42x

I think it would've been higher if I didn't have a limit...

here's a post from the forum showing statistical losing streak chance


One safe bet I can do is 1.25x payout at 300% loss increase

I can handle the 12-loss streak = around 25,000,000% of the base bet (For example = $0.00001 to $250

All is good unless it becomes a 13-loss streak which would mean site would be rigged for sure.


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